SecureGuard Features

SecureGuard advanced perimeter protection systems product features
  • Withstands multiple impacts
  • SG50 stops a 7500kg vehicle at 50mph at 90 degrees
  • Temporary & fully anchored applications
  • Tested and approved to PAS 68 - 2010 & 2007
  • ASTM F 2656-07 Equivalence table available
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RDS - Rapid Deployable System

RDS Fence -a Rapidly Deployable anti-ram fencing System
RDS.jpgDesigned and developed with ZAUN, this award winning, innovative system uses a SecureGuard CB block combined with a post arrangement which allows the fence panels to be erected and removed in a matter of minutes.
The RDS systems offer a rapidly deployable, surface mounted, HVM perimeter protection which is ideal for securing sites of critical importance during events, site construction works or for crowd control applications.
Available in heights of up to 3 metres with a modular design, RDS can be quickly erected, providing cost effective secure HVM protection to the asset area.  The system features are flexible and monitoring systems such as CCTV & PID can be included in the perimeter protection.  RDS is available two formats offering 32km/h [20mph] & 48km/h [30mph] protection from N1G & N2 type vehicles.  Both formats have been field tested against mob & crowd attack - details available upon request.
RDS has a minimal footprint, is ideal for sites with moderate undulations in ground levels and semi hard to hard surface conditions.  It is particularly suitable for urban situations and due to its capable design it can be combined with our other temporary and permanent barrier/fencing solutions. Controlled vehicular and pedestrian access points can be provided in the secured perimeter.
To download our RDS brochure please click here.

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