SecureGuard Features

SecureGuard advanced perimeter protection systems product features
  • Withstands multiple impacts
  • SG50 stops a 7500kg vehicle at 50mph at 90 degrees
  • Temporary & fully anchored applications
  • Tested and approved to PAS 68 - 2010 & 2007
  • ASTM F 2656-07 Equivalence table available
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The Origins of SecureGuard

Date: 22/06/2010

SecureGuard is a high containment steel barrier designed and developed to meet PAS 68 criteria (7,500kg vehicle, 90 degree impact angle, 20, 30 & 50 mph) for perimeter security. SecureGuard systems offer protection against vehicle and pedestrian intrusion into high security areas. 

In the 1990s, manufacturer and supplier of specialist road safety products, Highway Care designed and developed BarrierGuard, a steel safety barrier (vehicle restraint system).  BarrierGuard proved to offer significant benefits compared with Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier that was predominantly used on highways to protect Road Workers. BarrierGuard’s potential was recognised early on as a product which had sufficient capacity to offer very high containment and flexibility of installation in areas where vehicular and/or pedestrian intrusion would present a considerable risk to national and private critical infrastructure.  Testing was carried out to PAS 68 criteria.  Anchored only at either end of the run, BarrierGuard successfully redirected a 7,500kg impacting vehicle at 30mph from a 45 degree angle of approach; the vehicle did not penetrate the barrier at all. 

BarrierGuard was redesigned in order to meet higher containment levels.  The refined design, known as SecureGuard, enhances the protection level offered by the system.  SecureGuard was tested to 30 mph with a 7,500 kg vehicle (impact angle of 90 degrees) with the barrier successfully preventing vehicle penetration.  SecureGuard was further subjected to an impact with a 7,500 kg vehicle, 90 degrees at 50 mph, meeting the criteria of this test.  There was no vehicle penetration and SecureGuard did not deflect from its original position. SecureGuard offers performance characteristics which allow it to withstand localised multiple impacts.

The universal SecureGuard systems meet the requirements of PAS 68 from 20 mph through to 50 mph, while providing crash friendly performance to errant road users traveling on perimeter roads.  Should the security system need to be placed next to a highway, SecureGuard offers significant protection to infrastructure whilst not endangering the motoring public. SecureGuard both stops vehicles attempting to penetrate high security areas while safely redirecting errant vehicles during nuisance impacts.

SecureGuard offers ease of installation with shallow foundations for permanent installations and includes options for temporary installations.  SecureGuard has been installed on a number of UK sites, where complex layouts and precise time scales have been accommodated. Providing flexibility and customer confidence for a high performance product, SecureGuard is a first choice for perimeter security in this high profile industry. 

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